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Giustino Di Costanzo began selling bulk oils in a small truck on the streets close to his hometown on the slopes of Vesuvius near Naples



Giovanni Di Costanzo decides to found a consortium, together with other important companies in the conventional sector, to propose a unique line of organic products.

The idea was to take organic on a large scale, for the possible consumption of everybody, exploiting the industrial capacities of the companies involved, since at that time organic only exisisted in a limited and elitist niche.


Giustino Di Costanzo expanded his business by becoming a wholesaler for small supermarkets. The family got bigger too and thanks to their five children there was always someone who helped with the business.


The Di Costanzo brothers, led by their oldest son Raffaele, decided to set up a real oil mill and bottling company, in a historical period in which it was still sold only in bulk.


Bioitalia continues to be an innovative company that has conquered important market segments, especially abroad, keeping the family management and also investing in related sectors such as restaurants. In fact, in 2000 the first BIO restaurant was opened in Paris and in 2014 the first BIO restaurant in Milan.