Eucalyptus honey


Eucalyptus honey looks crystallized with a pasty consistency. The color is beige with grey and light brown shadings.

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Bioitalia eucalyptus honey is obtained from the nectar that bees collect from the flowers of the eucalyptus tree. This honey is rich in beneficial proprieties, excellent antioxidant and a real therapy for the respiratory tract.

Organic eucalyptus honey.

Nutritional values per 100g:
energy 1360kj - 320kcal
fat 0g of which saturated fatty acids 0g
carbohydrate 82g of which sugars 82g
fiber 0g
protein 0,2g
salt 0g


Deriving from a plant with essential aromatic oils, this honey is perfect for hot milk, tisanes, particular sauces and it’s very good for bitter-sweet preparations.

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