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Spirulina fusilli



Spirulina is a fresh water algae rich in proteins easily digestible to human body. It gives an appealing green color and more taste to our pasta. 

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The durum wheat semolina pasta with spirulina algae can be the perfect way to add more fibers and vegetable proteins to your diet. The spirulina pasta matches well with every kind of sauce and also be used cold for nice pasta salads

durum wheat semolina (98%), alga spirulina (2%).

Nutritional values  per 100g

energy 1470kj - 346kcal
fat 1,5g of which saturated fatty acids  0,3g
carbohydratei 70,2g of which sugars 3,4g
fiber 2,9g
protein 13g
salt 0,008g

Contains gluten.

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