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Sugo alla contadina

Farmer's sauce


Bioitalia's farmer sauce is one of the last products born from the long partership with the University of Naples "Federico II". Our farmer sauce is a tasty sauce inspired by the traditional Mediterranean dietary pattern.

Farmer sauce is prepared with fresh tomatoes, delightful vegetables and Bioitalia's extra virgin olive oil.

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The secret of Bioitalia's Farmer sauce its simple recipe, as it was “homemade”. We let brown fresh diced vegetables in extra virgin olive oil. After a few minutes, we add some wine and let it reduce. Then, we add Bioitalia's chopped tomatoes and let the sauce cook. When the sauce is ready, we pour it into a jar and eventually sterilize it to guarantee an ultimate freshness and safety.

organic chopped tomatoes (69%), organic carrot (10%), organic basil (10%), organic onion (4.2%), organic extra virgin olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic potato flour, organic white wine, sea salt, organic potato flakes, organic garlic, ascorbic acid.

Nutritional values per 100g:

energy 390kj - 94kcal

fat 7,8g of which saturated fatty acids 1,1g

carbohydrate 4,8g of which sugars 2,5g

fiber 1g

protein 0,7g

salt 1,1g


Ideal to season your pasta, pizza and savory pies.

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