Grilled zucchini


Bioitalia zucchini are traditionally salted and sun dried, then they are immersed in organic extra virgin olive oil, so they can be consumed at any time of the years.

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Bioitalia zucchini are cultivated in Southern Italy.

They are traditionally salted and sun dried, and later they are flavored with selected spices, grilled and immersed in extra virgin olive oil. Bioitalia follows the anciet tradition of preserving vegetables, so they can be consumed in other seasons.

Dried zucchini grilled* (65%), extra virgin olive oil* (32%), sea salt, parsley*, garlic*, vinegar from organic grapes.


Nutritional values per 100g:

energy 844kj - 202kcal
fat 11,6g of which saturated fatty acids 1g
carbohydrate 19g of which sugars 17g
fiber 4,5g
protein 3,5g
salt 2g


Ideal as appetizers, side dishes or salads.

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