Unmissable for breakfast and surprising in savory pairings for appetizers or simple aperitifs. In this section, you will find a variety of organic jams and organic honey, made with high-quality ingredients and in accordance with the strictest organic production standards. Choosing organic jams and honey means supporting sustainable farming practices over time, respecting biodiversity, and contributing to the well-being of the planet. Every spoonful of jam and every drop of honey is a delight for the palate and a responsible choice for the future.

Bioitalia chooses with care and love its assortment of organic preserves: they are perfect to give a start to your day or to sweeten your break-time. But Bioitalia preserves also includes savoury items, made with super-controlled organically grown ingredients to guarantee tasty and fresh products, as just picked. So, when you buy on-line Bioitalia preserves, you know that the smell of the organic tomatoes or of the "sottoli" will intoxicate you, leaving this aroma all round your table and will tickle your guests' palate. Prepare a lot of flavourful recipes with our savoury prserves or sweet surprises for your snacks, at home or in the office using our organic honey and jams.
A really special range of organic foods: a natural taste matched with the traditional organic methods. Certified controlled and always fresh products that perfectly suits any occasion, from the sweet to the salty one!