Legume pasta

Bioitalia's organic legume pasta is an innovative and delicious choice to enrich your diet. Made with 100% chickpea, lentil, and pea flours, this product is a natural source of protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, suitable to satisfy both the palate and nutritional needs.

Bioitalia's legume pasta comes from certified organic cultivation, where plants grow without the use of synthetic pesticides, ensuring the purity and integrity of our ingredients. With Bioitalia, you can enjoy a nutritious and delightful legume pasta, created with passion and care for the environment and health. An organic legume pasta that's GOOD in every way.

Bioitalia Legume Pasta was born not only for coeliacs but also for those consumers looking for a pasta with high nutritional content. It is rich in fiber and has a high protein content.
Exclusively made with legume Flour, it is available in three varieties: 100% chick peas, 100% lentils and 100% green peas.