In the world of Bioitalia's organic tomatoes, you will find a variety of exceptional products, each with its unique character, but all united by a common commitment to quality, the environment, and transparency. Each variety is the result of cultivation and production in the territories of Southern Italy, where the sun and the passion for Italian culinary tradition come together to create extraordinary products.

But there's more. We have chosen to adopt Blockchain technology to ensure maximum transparency and security in the production chain. This innovative solution allows you to trace the entire journey of our organic tomatoes, from the plant to the finished product. We want to ensure respect and solidarity among all the operators involved in our supply chain, which is why we have an internal ethical code, planned productions, and guaranteed minimum prices for farmers. This allows us to ensure respect and solidarity among all the operators involved in our supply chain. Our tomatoes are truly GOOD in every aspect, and we are happy to share them with you.

The unmistakable smell and the rich and intense flavor of Bioitalia tomatoes is possible thanks to the manufacturing that begins just a few hours after the gathering. The origin of Bioitalia tomatoes is guaranteed by a system that follows the product from the fields to the table: the certified chain.
Our assortment includes also some specialties: The “piennolo” cherry tomatoes of Vesuvius P.D.O. that are cultivated inside of the Vesuvius National Park, collected into wooden boxes and put by hand into pots with same variety strained tomatoes as envisaged by the ancient tradition.
The San Marzano tomatoes of Agro Nocerino Sarnese P.D.O. that is the most famous tomato variety in the world, characterized by a long line and an unmistakable flavor.