Artisanal organic crackers are produced with great attention to the ingredients used and the production process. They are made with organic flours obtained from cereals cultivated using organic methods, with the addition of seeds and spices from certified organic farming, and they are produced without yeast and without salt on the surface. Only a few ingredients. Perfect to be enjoyed on their own or accompanied with cheese, sauces, or pâté.

Choosing artisanal organic crackers also means supporting small local producers dedicated to the production of high-quality foods, with a particular focus on sustainability and ingredient traceability.

Flour, extra virgin olive oil, the dough rolled with the best working standards and a 24-hours natural leavening make Bioitalia crackers unique. Crackers are packed in practical single portion bag. Ideal as a snack and to replace the bread, or with the Bioitalia spreads and vegetables in oil.