Cracker mix


Flour, extra virgin olive oil, sourdough, the dough rolled with the best working standards and a 24-hours natural leavening make  Bioitalia crackers unique.they are packed in practical  single portion bags. They are tasty snacks, ideal as appetizers.

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Packed in a box of 300g: 2 bags of 50g of artisanal crcakers with chives, 2 bags of 50g of artisanal crackers with sesame and rosemary 2 bags of artisanal crackers with garlic and red peppers.

Chives : whear flour, organic extra virgin olive oil, salt, organic chives(0,9%), organic sourdough.

Garlic and red peppers: organic wheat flour, organic extra virgin oilve oil, salt, organic garlic in powder(0,8%) organic red pepper in powder(0,8%), organic sourdough.

Sesame and rosemary: organic wheat flour, organic extra virgin olive  oil, organic rosemary(7%) organic sesame (4%), organic sourdough, salt.

Contains wheat. May contain traces of lupine.

Ideal as a snack and to replace the bread, or with the Bioitalia spreads and vegetables in oil.

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