Syrah - Terre siciliane PGI


Syrah is an international vine that has met particularly favorable conditions in Sicily . The Syrah wine originates from the grapes of the homonymous vine, in vineyards cultivated by the organic method, planted on sandy soils, poor in organic substances.

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The orientantion is hilly, the form of rearing is the spurred cordon espalier. The grapes, finely selected , are picked up by hand. The vinfication is carried out without the use of solphites, making use only of tannins extracted  from the vines to avoid the oxidation . After the first racking the wine is finished in steel for at least three months. Once bottled, it matures in bottle for another two months, before being put up for sale . It has a dark red colour, elegant scent of red berry , soft and harmonious taste. 


Very good with salami and red meat, it is served at a temperature of 16-18°c in an average goblte, whcih makes possible a better appreciation of its quality. 

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