Vegeterian bolognese sauce


The fresh tomatoes used to prepare Bioitalia Bolognese sauce come from certified chain. Only the finest ingredients are used, no flavor enhancers, no artificial flavors.

Bioitalia commits to keep all legal information up to date, but you may find differences from the packaging actually available.

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The care and the passion behind the manufacturing give to the recipe a unique flavor, as you would do at home.

Chopped tomatoes* (86.5%), extra virgin olive oil*, onion* (3.85%), carrot* (3.85%), celery* (2%), salt.


Nutritional values per 100g:

energy 212kj - 51kcal

fat 2,2g of which saturated fatty acids 0,4g

carbohydrate 5,9g of which sugars 4,2g

fiber 1,7g

protein 1g

salt 0,8g


Store in a cool place, far from light and heat sources. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days.

Ideal to season your pasta, pizza and savory pies.

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