Bioitalia honeydew looks crystallized with a creamy consistency. The color is beige with yellow shadings. Its smell is delicate, slightly fruit and wax scented.

The taste of honeydew is sweet and the aroma is fine, aromatic and slightly floral.

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Honeydew is a very particular substance that is collected from the leaves of trees, thanks to the aphides and other insects that affect and suck the sap of the leaves. It was born as a sugary fluid with low protein content.

Organic honeydew honey.

Nutritional values per 100g:
energy 1360kj - 320kcal
fat 0g of which saturated fatty acids 0g
carbohydrate 82g of which sugars 82g
fiber 0g
protein 0,2g
salt 0g


Most of people like it and it is ideal for all purposes.

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