Almond panna cotta and sweet adzuki bean sauce

Panna cotta

Almond milk 350ml
Coconut milk 150g  
Acacia honey 2 Tbsp.
Grape juice 100ml
Agar-agar 4g

Adzuki sauce ingredients
Adzuki sauce 240g
The juice of 1 lemon with its zests
Cane/White sugar 50g
Water 100ml
Grape juice 100ml
10,50 €

The honey has a liquid consistency, and a clear straw-yellow color. It is children’s favorite honey, thanks to its delicate and not persistent flavor.

1,96 € 2,30 € -15%

The organic grape juice is obtained with 100% Italian organic grapes. No concentrated, without additives and added sugar. 

1,55 €

Organic adzuki beans boiled in water. No added salt. Packed in BPA-FREE cans.

Mix the almond milk, the coconut milk, and the honey in a pot; bring the mix almost to the boil and, when it starts to simmer, add the agar-agar and keep on cooking for 2 minutes, mixing well. Pour the cream into the moulds and refrigerate for about 3 hours. 
Adzuki sauce
Drain the adzuki beans, put them in a pot adding water, lemon juice, sugar and half grape juice. Cook the mixture until the beans get creamy (add some more water if needed). 
When cooked, mix them with the remaining part of the grape juice adding some more until it gets the desired consistency. 
Sift it and leave it cool down. 

Place the panna cotta in the dishes and add a pleanty spoon of the sweet sauce of adzuki beans. 


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