Red snapper

Tomato juice 150 mlProsecco Asolo DOCG 50 mlLemon juice 25 mlWorchestershire Sauce 3-4 dropsTabasco 2 dropsSalt and pepper to tasteIce cubes

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Pumpkin pancakes

All-purpose Flour (type 00) 225gBaking powder 3g2 small eggs or 1 big eggButtermilk 180gSugar 50g Melted butter 30gPumpkin, carrot, and apricot smoothie...

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Light carrot cake without eggs

All-purpose Flour (type 00) 250gSugar 150gSunflower oil or Extra virgin olive oil 6 Tbsp Baking powder 1 TbspThe peel of 1 Carrot Carrot juice 150ml Water...

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