Bioitalia chooses cans BPA free

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Bioitalia chooses cans BPA free

Today Bioitalia is proud to launch its organic tomatoes and beans in BPA-free cans, size 400g: a full line of boiled beans and of preserved tomatoes in a safe packaging.

Bioitalia decided not to use Bisphenol A into its food containers - even if Bioitalia products had been always safe- considering the alert about it on the international markets and the uncertain position of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) when talking about the risks for human health when exposed to BPA in everyday diet.
Bioitalia Quality team started studying a solution to avoid this chemical into the inner varnish of its cans in cooperation with the can manufacturer in 2008. Just a few companies decided to switch to BPA-free containers notwithstanding the real risk for human health. Why? Because this kin of cans are more expensive and not all companies would risk to lose market shares by increasing their final price. But Bioitalia did it because it cares first for consumers' health. And it is not just a slogan.
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