Dedicated to Those Who Struggle to Drink (Water)

Dedicated to Those Who Struggle to Drink (Water)

Drinking fresh water in the summer is a physiological need; it's our own body asking for it. In winter, however, the demand for fluids is lower, and many people find it quite challenging. Nevertheless, we shouldn't forget to drink sufficient amounts of water.

If every morning you set out to finish the 2-liter water bottle that you place prominently on your desk but consistently fail to drink even half of it, try using other methods.

Supplement with tea, long coffees, barley, herbal teas, and hot infusions several times a day between meals. Some of these beverages, besides providing warmth, can help improve certain metabolic functions of our body:

Chamomile, fennel, and anise can promote physiological gastrointestinal motility and gas elimination; they can be useful after meals to aid digestion.

Green tea is a potent antioxidant and has a tonic effect that positively impacts physical and mental fatigue.

Birch, orthosiphon, and pineapple promote fluid drainage from the body; milk thistle, rhubarb, and artichoke have a detoxifying function for the liver and intestine.

Passionflower can improve relaxation and is also useful in case of stress; lemon balm promotes mental well-being; both help with nighttime rest; therefore, they can be used every evening before bedtime.

Vegetable soups or purees, velvety soups (such as pumpkin, spinach, mixed vegetables), vegetable broths (prepared with fresh vegetables) are rich in water and low in calories, so they can be added to lunch and/or dinner.

Even soups, stews, and dishes made with legumes, preferably pureed into cream, are a good source of fluids, as well as being very filling.

Finally, it's worth remembering that all vegetables, primarily fruits (including in the form of juices and smoothies) and vegetables (both cooked and raw), are foods rich in water, minerals, and vitamins and should be present on our table every day.

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