Jelly tomato, ricotta cheese mousse and crumbled tarallo

For the jelly tomato:

Tomato juice 400ml

Salted anchovy 1

BasilicOlio 1 Tbsp.

Agar-agar 2 g

Salt to taste

For the ricotta mousse:

Ricotta 300g

Salt and pepper to taste

Tarallo (typical South Italian savoury biscuit) 1

1,99 €

Tomato juice is obtained with 100% Italian organic tomatoes. Without additives and added sugar.

3,91 € 4,60 € -15%

Basilicolio is an infusion of organic fresh basil, grown outdoors and selected by hand, in organic cold extracted extra virgin olive oil.

Mix together the tomato juice, the salted anchovy, the basilicolio and the salt. Bring the mix to the boil and add the agar-agar. Keep it on a low flame for 3 mins. Pour the mix in small glasses, pouring it in for about 1/3 of the glass content and let it get thicken in the fridge for 3 hours. Meanwhile, mix the ricotta with the salt and the pepper, until you get a smooth cream. Crumble the tarallo. After 3 hours, add the ricotta mousse and the crumbles of tarallo on the jelly tomato as a topping.


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