Bioitalia Jams and Preserves, No Added Sugars

Bioitalia Jams and Preserves, No Added Sugars

Bioitalia jams and preserves are made with only two ingredients: a whopping 80% organic fruit and apple juice (20%).

They have no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial colors.

They contain only the pectin naturally present in apple juice.

They are particularly suitable for children, given the presence of exclusively natural ingredients. Recommended for everyone as part of a healthy and balanced diet, without excessive intake of simple sugars.

Both jams and preserves can be spread on toast or whole grain crackers for breakfast, or they can be used as a snack (for those with a sweet tooth) by adding them to plain low-fat yogurt or even used in homemade desserts such as light tarts or cheesecakes (made with yogurt or ricotta).

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