Flavored Oils: Let's Discover Them Together!

Flavored Oils: Let's Discover Them Together!

Flavored oils are simple dressings made with extra virgin olive oil obtained from organic olives from southern Italy, cold-pressed, and simple ingredients characteristic of the Mediterranean diet.

Basil, lemon, chili, and orange are infused in extra virgin olive oil, and their aromas are extracted using ultrasound technology. The innovative method used, developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Naples Federico II, ensures that the aroma remains unchanged over time.

They are perfect for use raw: on fresh vegetable salads or to dress cold pasta, to add an extra touch of flavor to grains like spelt, barley, and buckwheat. They also work well as a seasoning for couscous prepared with vegetables or fish.

They are also worth trying paired with legume-based dishes; the infusions are delicious even simply spread on toasted bread.

The oranges and lemons used for flavored oils are strictly organic, as are the basil and chili.

One tablespoon of infusion (10 g) contains about 83 kcal, and the nutritional characteristics reflect those of extra virgin olive oil:

High content of monounsaturated (oleic acid) and polyunsaturated (linoleic and linolenic acid) fatty acids, low content of saturated fatty acids

Presence of phenolic compounds and vitamin E, responsible for antioxidant action

Fat-soluble vitamins A and C

Dr. Concetta Mauriello

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