Velvety cream of green peas with basil yogurt sauce

Green peas 600 gr
Basilicolio 10gr
Evo  oil 20gr
Greek Yogurt 60g
Lemon ½
White onion ¼
Salt and pepper to taste

1,25 €

Italian organic green peas boiled in water without added salt. Packed in BPA-FREE cans.

7,69 €

Out of the southern Italy regions and the best selection of organic oil varieties the Bioitalia oil is born. Their origin is guaranteed by a system that follows the product from the field to the table: the certified chain.

4,60 €

Basilicolio is an infusion of organic fresh basil, grown outdoors and selected by hand, in organic cold extracted extra virgin olive oil.

Cut finely the onion and brown it in 2 tablespoons  of evo  oil. Add the drained green peas and warm them for a few minutes. Salt, pepper and move all the content of the pan in a mixer, turning the green peas, the oil and the onion into a cream. Prepare the sauce: mix well the yogurt with the juice and the lemon zest and the basilicolio as well, adding salt at the end. Compose the dish with two ladles of cream and a spoonful of yogurt sauce.


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